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Why do I need verify my identity at checkout?

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Coindeck is a fully regulated financial services provider and is obligated to identify our customers using the same due diligence required by a bank. Your personal verification process is unique to you and based on your order value, history, country of residence, as well as other security-related data. We do our best to request the correct documents during the checkout process, but your order may need to be reviewed by a customer service agent who may require supplementary documentation.

By law, banks and other financial organizations must have satisfactory proof of your identity. The proof they need may change from time to time – criminals are always looking for new ways of using other people’s identities. The banks and building societies will continue to work with the government to make sure that the system is flexible enough to meet changing circumstances. Our aim is to make sure that everyone who is genuinely applying for an account can open accounts and use financial services. You can help by thinking about the documents you can provide and by discussing your situation with staff if you have difficulties.

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